Hope these words are heard loud and clear.

The Cost of a "Born-free"

Dear White People: You are not being punished. There isn’t a White Genocide Project. Get over yourselves. You still have your white privilege. Acknowledge your privilege. Understand your privilege. Accept your privilege. You can miss us with your guilt because it’s not conducive to real transformation. You still have a vote. You have everything you had before 1994 except the power to legally control and subject the majority to your weird superiority complexes. Now jump on board; this isn’t an ‘us vs them’ thing. It’s a South African project. We can’t do this effectively without your support and cooperation. We’re trying to build a nation that we can all be proud of. Sulking in a corner and mumbling about how grayyyt life is in Europe is not going to change a damn thing. If you’re not willing to contribute to the dialogue and have meaningful engagement I suggest…

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