I have been trying to lose weight for so long but I do not believe in diets.  It would help if I did – believe in diets, that is.  The thing is I am unable to deprive myself of something I hold so dear…Good food.

I really love food.  There’s nothing better than winter stews and curries and summertime braai’s.  Odd though, my favourite meal is a meatless salad of herbs and summer fruits.  Something hit me the other day.  Food isn’t the problem…it’s my relationship with food…and raging hormones (there are times when I would kill for a chocolate).  I am not a big eater.  In fact, I hardly eat.  I only eat when I am hungry.  That’s not very often.  So, my problem is not over-eating but under-eating.  And eating convenience instead of nourishing.  Who would’ve thunk it?

So now I’m trying to add food (and limit my sweets and snack intake) and adding exercise to my portfolio of no note.  I am a random walker/jogger.  I go for a walk/jog about once a month.  But, no more.  I shall be using technology to keep me on track.  I have my apps installed and notifications set for exercise time.  You see,  I have always been big (boned).  It’s the way my body is structured.   So to me weight doesn’t count for much.  Neither does BMI (Body Mass Index).  I’d rather lose centimetres.  I don’t want to be skinny (I’d look ill – I know this by looking at pictures of a younger me) I just want to look and feel healthy.  I want my knees and ankles to not ache so much.  I want to breathe with ease.  I want more energy.  So I will give myself that gift.  I’m going for jogs (my version of it anyway) darn it.  I will lose those centimetres.

I do not want (or need) a bikini bod.  I’m way too body conscious for that.  A leaner me doesn’t mean all the other body issues I have will go away.  It simply means that I’ll be able to breathe easier.  I need that.  When we were kids we would play outside all day.  Running, skipping, cycling.  I played so many different sporting codes.  I loved full contact sports (hence the aching knees).  Then I started working.  I became an adult.  Adulting is necessary but sometimes we lose sight of ourselves.  Responsibilities to family and work outweigh the responsibility we have unto ourselves.

Well, this me has decided no more.  I shall look after myself from here on out.  I can’t take care of my family if I cannot take care of myself.  So I will jog (well, walk – don’t judge me).

Hier kom ‘n ding!  Watch this space (I think I give myself a pretty mean pep talk.  Spartan!  Ah-hoo!!!).


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Side note:  I have decided to add this post to The Blog Tag’s Inspiration Week posts.  The writing prompt for this post is How to Overcome Life’s Curve Balls.  What is your “thing”? How do you deal with it?