Every day.  Every week.  Every month.  Every year.  It’s a chance to wipe the slate clean and start again.  Or continue from where you left off.


2015 was good to me.  It didn’t start off great.  I started off 2015 as a “Stay at home person”.  Something I’ve done before but never really enjoyed.  I love my own company…but…I cannot deal with seeing the same four walls day in and day out.  So I started writing.  I decided that practicing freedom of speech my way would be worth it.  I won’t lie.  I struggled quite a bit at first.  Not with the writing but with the confidence in what I wrote.  Would people read it?  Would they like it?  Would they get my humour?  Would they get me?  Eventually, I just let go of my insecurities and started writing just for me.


An old friend approached me and asked if I would be interested in joining her and another in a tandem blog series.  I said yes not knowing what I was letting myself in for.  However, I am not sorry.  So here we were…three bloggers with titles from a hat writing our merry little hearts out.  Sometimes it was difficult but we pushed though.  I am proud to have these ladies on my team.  Celeste and Chevone – thank you for pushing me.  You guys are super awesome and inspiring.  I cannot wait to write with you again.  Roll on February 2016!  Please take time to have a look at their blogs.  Celeste is at Surviving Jonkersville and Chevone is at Chev’s Life.  They are fantastic.  If it were not for them I would never have thought I could produce the poems I have…or even the piece I’m most proud of (simply because I never thought I was capable of putting out anything like it), “Missing”.  One thing I will say…blogging has made me a tad more tactful.  Those who know me know that I sometimes speak before I think.  With writing I am forced to think before I ink.


After six months of unemployment I landed a three-month gig.  Then came the one I have been waiting for for years.  I am so happy in my career it’s almost unreal.  The only challenge I have (have always had) is the work/life balance thing.  But I guess that’s the case for most of us.  I surprise myself every day by the things I accomplish.  Things people told me I could never do.  Well…look at me now.  I am certainly not perfect but I’ll try till I get it right.  I have all these plans but I’ll place them at the feet of God because, ultimately, he knows what’s best for me.


I am so looking forward to 2016 as I roll along this journey of self-discovery.  I cannot wait for our new tandem blog series.  I cannot wait to discover more fantastic blogs out there.  I cannot wait to stretch these literacy muscles that have been on vacation for a bit.


To those who followed my scribbles.  Thank you so much!  To those who liked, commented and shared.  You guys are my heroes and sheroes.  You have no idea what you’ve done for me.  My shego soared quite a bit all because of you.  Thank you!


No we move on to 2016 with all that it brings.  May it be more the good than the bad…and very very little (if possible none) of the ugly.


Blessed 2016 everyone.  Time to put our game-faces on.  Let’s do this!!!


Love and respect,