There is just something about 90’s R&B.  I personally think it was one the greatest era’s for music.  And let me tell you…those male vocal groups were something else.  One could listen to their music today and it would still be relevant.  Today’s kids could relate to “our” music.  I though I’d share some of my favourite male vocal groups with you today.  


  1.  Boyz II Men – greatest harmonies and so timeless.


2. Shai – again…those harmonies


3. Silk – one of those I should not have been listening to…but…


4. All-4-One – they must’ve been one of the cleanest groups around…


5. Jodeci – they had an intensity about them that I just love



Next week we’ll look at some of my favourite female groups from the same genre and era.  What is your favourite era for music?  Do you like 90’s R&B too?  Any lesser known groups you’d like to suggest? Please do!  I love discovering new music….even if its been around a while.