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Book Review: “Waiting For You” by Melissa Kate

I haven’t read a good romance novel since my (early) twenties.  Back in the day of Mills & Boone and Fabio covers.  A buddy I met in the blogging world, Alfonzo Words, got me into this book.  I thought to myself, why not?  I have not picked up anything other than serious reading material in about a decade but I thought I’d give light reading a try.  The pre-launch hype was getting real and got me all excited. So, release day comes and I hop onto Amazon to get my copy for Kindle. There I was ready for light reading…and BAM! She hits me.  I. Could. Not. Put. That. Smartphone. Down.  This was anything but light reading.  Continue reading “Book Review: “Waiting For You” by Melissa Kate”



In keeping with this week’s “Literature” theme on The Blog Tag the prompt for this post is “Books”.  So…here goes…


“Fount of knowledge” you call me.  The “walking encyclopedia”.  “Nerd”.  “Geek”.  You think you’re coming off as funny…but I detect a distinct note of envy in your voice.  Then there’s the fact you always want to be in my work group for assignments.  I don’t mind it.  It’s, actually, quite amusing. Continue reading “Books”

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