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#Playlist – 90’s R&B (Female Groups)

Last week I shared some of my favourite male groups from 90’s R&B.  Today its the turn of the ladies.  The female groups were vocally fierce with loads of spice and all things nice.  They had some of the best hookup and breakup songs.  The sisterhood of smooth had some of the greatest tunes around….and of course, killer harmonies. Continue reading “#Playlist – 90’s R&B (Female Groups)”


#Playlist – 90’s R&B (Male Groups)

There is just something about 90’s R&B.  I personally think it was one the greatest era’s for music.  And let me tell you…those male vocal groups were something else.  One could listen to their music today and it would still be relevant.  Today’s kids could relate to “our” music.  I though I’d share some of my favourite male vocal groups with you today.   Continue reading “#Playlist – 90’s R&B (Male Groups)”

#Playlist – My Kinda Jazz

I consider myself eclectic in taste when it comes to music but I will say that Jazz holds a very special place in this little heart of mine.  Especially the amplified sounds of Acid Jazz,  Jazzfunk, Jazz Fusion and Ghoema (I am, after all, a child of the Cape).  One could probably say that my heart beats Jazz.

Continue reading “#Playlist – My Kinda Jazz”

Watch “Earth, Wind & Fire – September (From “Live In Japan”)” on YouTube

Variety of Sounds

Music Week on The Blog Tag equals a very giddy me!  We were asked to compile a playlist and discuss our favourite song.  I decided to post a song a day starting with my favourite.  Here’s just some of what is on my 64G mobile set playlist:

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