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#Playlist – My Kinda Jazz

I consider myself eclectic in taste when it comes to music but I will say that Jazz holds a very special place in this little heart of mine.  Especially the amplified sounds of Acid Jazz,  Jazzfunk, Jazz Fusion and Ghoema (I am, after all, a child of the Cape).  One could probably say that my heart beats Jazz.

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I know it’s your cigarette…butt…

Could I please ask you to not chuck it out your car window as a means of disposal?  Ironically one of the people I saw doing this was driving a Chevy Spark…Go figure. Continue reading “I know it’s your cigarette…butt…”

Bring On 2017

2016 – a year many say was horrible.  To me it was, really, quite a blur.  The year went by so fast that I feel I have lived lifetimes within it.  Really.  Lifetimes.


It was so busy I had no time to dwell on anything negative much. So, has it been a bad year?  Not really.  If anything, 2016 was a year of growth.  My readership grew.  My insanity too.  In general, it was a good(ish) year for me personally.

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Farewell 2016

This is just a short post to say thank you to all of you who have supported this blog throughout the year. I appreciate your support and validation immensely.  You have no idea.  Continue reading “Farewell 2016”

I Write…

I write because it keeps me sane

My inner worry becomes my gain

In blackest ink drowns my pain

I write because it keeps me sane

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