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Just. One. More. Time.

Just one more time I am asking you…What were you thinking?  What is wrong with you?  What did I do?


For years I wore your branding upon my body.  My back.  My arm.  My leg.  My face.  Always, I had to say I had an accident.  I thought it was something I did.  I wasn’t good enough.  Thing is…you chose me. I was an easy target for you.  I wouldn’t ever say anything.  Would hide like the hermit I was.  You hear me?  I said “was”.   Continue reading “Just. One. More. Time.”


Recipe for Disaster

Okay.  So The Blog Tag has me on a roll with expanding on a post I did yonks ago.  Who would’ve thunk Food Week would do the trick.  If you’re a blogger like me who sometimes just needs that spark of inspiration give The Blog Tag a try.  You can follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The writing prompt for this post is Recipe.  I’m no food blogger – but there is more than one way to interpret things, right? Right!  Here it is…Recipe for Disaster. Continue reading “Recipe for Disaster”


This week on The Blog Tag the Theme is Food.  I am no food blogger.  Mainly I post my culinary creations on Instagram (not too shabby as a chef even if I do say so myself).  The writing prompt for this post is  Kitchen Disasters.  Here is the offering for this prompt.



She walked down the stairs.  Quietly.  He saw her though. She wasn’t quiet enough.  He stood there staring at her.  She looked around.  There was no escape.  She’d have to face him.  No way no how he was letting her go.   Continue reading “Possession”


She spies the barrel

Hand on her heart

She weeps

The ordeal

The pain

The suffering Continue reading “Silencer”

My Open Letter To…The Bully

This week on The Blog Tag we have the theme of Literature.  The prompt for this post is “My Open Letter To…”.


Dear Bully

I know it’s been a while.  I thought I’d update you on my life.  And how awesome it has turned out…despite your nay-saying.

Continue reading “My Open Letter To…The Bully”

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