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Instrument to the Heart

So…Music Week on The Blog Tag.  I have decided to combine two of the writing prompts: “How Music Helped You Through a Difficult Time” and “Musical Instrument”.



Do I play a musical instrument? Depends on who you ask.  I play a little keyboard (badly) and about three chords on the guitar.  The instrument I use most though is one one does not play…My voice.  I sing.  When I was younger I wanted to be a star.  You know…name in lights and all of that.  The only problem was that I hated the fact that everyone looked at me when I sang.  I took part in musical theatre and sang in the school choir.   Continue reading “Instrument to the Heart”



I joined a blogging community called The Blog Tag.  Every week we’re given a new theme.  The aim is to help bloggers with inspiration for their posts.  This week is Art Week.  We’re also given writing prompts every day.  The writing prompt for this post is “What is Your Favourite Art Form?”.  You may be able to tell from the title…I LOVE music. Continue reading “#iammusic”

It Makes Me Feel…

This week on The Blog Tag we talk about all things Art ad what it means to us,  The writing prompt for this post is “My encounter with Art“.


We encounter art daily.  I consider mankind an art-form.  We are a created creation.  That’s my opinion.  We are creators in our own right.  Many of us gifted with the ability to create beautiful, useful and nifty things.  Some of us are great orators.  Some great dancers and singers.  Some are great wordsmiths and others great inventors.  Whatever your art-form you are affected in some way or other.   Continue reading “It Makes Me Feel…”

Art and Me

The Blog Tag Theme – Art

Writing Prompt: What is Art to You?


What is art?  Can it really be defined?  What is creativity?  Have you ever thought on this?  Everyone has a different perception of what art is.  What’s yours? Continue reading “Art and Me”

Art: Classic vs. Modern…Which is Better?

This week is Art Week on The Blog Tag.  The writing prompt for this post is Classic vs. Modern Art.  This one is a bit of a toughie.  I don’t know that I can choose.  I love art for art.

I don’t know that there is any a right or wrong or that there is one better than the other…except in music…there is definitely a better there.  I think one has to look at art pieces on an individual basis.  I am unable to compare because the creation is an expression of and by the creator.  Do I like Classic Art? Yes.  Do I like Modern Art? Yes. Continue reading “Art: Classic vs. Modern…Which is Better?”

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