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The Blog Tag – Beauty Week Q&A

Yay! It’s Friday.  That means it is Q&A day on The Blog Tag.  And since it’s Beauty Week all questions revolve around…well…beauty.  Here goes nothing 🙂
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Beauty: What Is It To Me

This is another post for Beauty Week on The Blog Tag.  I’ve been thinking about this.  A lot.  Procrastinating, really.  I mean, how often is it that we really think about beauty and what it means to us.  What do we find beautiful?  What defines beauty.  Well, here’s my interpretation.
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Beauty Confession…My Wake-up Call

Three weeks into The Blog Tag and they hit us with the theme “Beauty”.  This one is proving to be quite difficult.  The writing prompt for this post is “Beauty Confession”.



I am a bit of a strange being.  I have always been a bit a lot of a tomboy,.even now that I have crossed the 30 border line (considerably).  Probably because it suits my laid-back typical type A personality perfectly.   Continue reading “Beauty Confession…My Wake-up Call”

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