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My Open Letter To…The Bully

This week on The Blog Tag we have the theme of Literature.  The prompt for this post is “My Open Letter To…”.


Dear Bully

I know it’s been a while.  I thought I’d update you on my life.  And how awesome it has turned out…despite your nay-saying.

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Cinderella (A Modern Tale)

Clawing out from the smokey embers
She reaches upward
Toward her dream
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“No! Please don’t!”, she pleaded as the darkness washed over her.  She could not believe this was happening again.  She had made solitude her prized companion.  How could this be happening?

For two years she has managed to wander…faceless…nameless.  Fading into the background from city to city.  Being recognised could be so costly.  She took up small jobs to sustain herself.  Lived off the grid as best she could.  She was so careful.  Hoping…Praying to never be discovered. Continue reading “Missing”

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