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Instrument to the Heart

So…Music Week on The Blog Tag.  I have decided to combine two of the writing prompts: “How Music Helped You Through a Difficult Time” and “Musical Instrument”.



Do I play a musical instrument? Depends on who you ask.  I play a little keyboard (badly) and about three chords on the guitar.  The instrument I use most though is one one does not play…My voice.  I sing.  When I was younger I wanted to be a star.  You know…name in lights and all of that.  The only problem was that I hated the fact that everyone looked at me when I sang.  I took part in musical theatre and sang in the school choir.   Continue reading “Instrument to the Heart”


She Gave Me

This week is Food Week on The Blog Tag. The writing post for this piece is Food Memory.  When I put food and memory together the thing that comes to mind is my gran in her kitchen.  She is no longer with us but her memory lingers still.

Continue reading “She Gave Me”

The Blog Tag – The One Thing I’m Most Proud Of

I do not consider myself to be a great writer…but I try.  Fortunately for me I’ve found this Facebook group called The Blog Tag.  Their aim?  To help those of us who struggle some with topics to help kick us into gear.  I think it’s a fantastic idea. If you’re a blogger who would like to get more active and feel you need some prompting you should consider this as an option.


Continue reading “The Blog Tag – The One Thing I’m Most Proud Of”

In My Garden

I have all these beauties in my garden

An array of note

Tall, skinny, dotted daffodils

As they grow and grow into roses Continue reading “In My Garden”

Another Year, Another Shot At It

Every day.  Every week.  Every month.  Every year.  It’s a chance to wipe the slate clean and start again.  Or continue from where you left off.


2015 was good to me.  It didn’t start off great.  I started off 2015 as a “Stay at home person”.  Something I’ve done before but never really enjoyed.  I love my own company…but…I cannot deal with seeing the same four walls day in and day out.  So I started writing.  I decided that practicing freedom of speech my way would be worth it.  I won’t lie.  I struggled quite a bit at first.  Not with the writing but with the confidence in what I wrote.  Would people read it?  Would they like it?  Would they get my humour?  Would they get me?  Eventually, I just let go of my insecurities and started writing just for me. Continue reading “Another Year, Another Shot At It”

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