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The Thing About Relationships…

It’s hard hard work.  Especially the romantic kind.  The personal touch has somehow disappeared.  We are too caught up in the media part and neglecting the social.  I am no relationship expert but after seven years of marriage I have learnt that I am still learning. Continue reading “The Thing About Relationships…”


Through the Open Door of My Heart

Through the open door of my heart you come
Showering me with gifts like you’ve already won
Never really wondering about what you’ve become
Through the open door of my heart you come

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Bring On 2017

2016 – a year many say was horrible.  To me it was, really, quite a blur.  The year went by so fast that I feel I have lived lifetimes within it.  Really.  Lifetimes.


It was so busy I had no time to dwell on anything negative much. So, has it been a bad year?  Not really.  If anything, 2016 was a year of growth.  My readership grew.  My insanity too.  In general, it was a good(ish) year for me personally.

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Farewell 2016

This is just a short post to say thank you to all of you who have supported this blog throughout the year. I appreciate your support and validation immensely.  You have no idea.  Continue reading “Farewell 2016”

The Freedom to Be

To feel

The kiss of the midday sun

Watching the cherubs as they run

Along the sandy stretch…oh what fun

The freedom to be Continue reading “The Freedom to Be”

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