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Game On!

Standing here
Staring you dead-on
I can do this
I am ready Continue reading “Game On!”


Never Stop…

There are times we must first feel the ache
Before we can appreciate the radiance
Sometimes it’s the little things
That keeps us in the balance

After we have rolled in the mud
We shall dance in the rain
Feeling the showers wash over us
Cleansing us of our pain Continue reading “Never Stop…”

Truth or Dare

Would you want to one day
Realise you live without any say
In who you’re destined be

Would you want to some day
Realise you’ve lost your way
Meandering through life aimlessly Continue reading “Truth or Dare”

The List

It goes and goes
Being added to daily
The List
Continue reading “The List”

New Year, New Me? … Really?

Today marks the start of a new year.  A new beginning.  Another second chance.  How many of us truly grasp the idea that we can start anew…so to speak.

I do not believe in making New Year’s Resolutions.  To me it’s just a farce unto ourselves.  I resolutely do not make resolutions.  I have hopes for the year ahead.  I have plans I need to action.  I give myself a new challenge and take it day-by-day. Continue reading “New Year, New Me? … Really?”

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