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Love Lost

Through the Open Door of My Heart

Through the open door of my heart you come
Showering me with gifts like you’ve already won
Never really wondering about what you’ve become
Through the open door of my heart you come

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I Ain’t Mad At Ya!

You did me real bad
Got me oh…so sad
With heart in hand
I stand…
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Said Is Dead

Said I’d have you forever
Said you’d never let go
Said you’d hurt me never
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The One Who Got Away

In rain and thunder
Wind and hail
You stand there. Still
Forlorn, ghastly pale

Your sunshine gone
Your hope deplete
The absolute antithesis of

My treasure trove
Mercilessly plundered
My wings so clipped
My soul now barren

My will you will not
Cannot sway
Please just accept
I’m the one who got away

Copyright S. Smidt-Booys 2015

This is the final post for this Tandem series.  Please check out what Celeste and Chevone have dished for this week.

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