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The Thing About Relationships…

It’s hard hard work.  Especially the romantic kind.  The personal touch has somehow disappeared.  We are too caught up in the media part and neglecting the social.  I am no relationship expert but after seven years of marriage I have learnt that I am still learning. Continue reading “The Thing About Relationships…”


Through the Open Door of My Heart

Through the open door of my heart you come
Showering me with gifts like you’ve already won
Never really wondering about what you’ve become
Through the open door of my heart you come

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Book Review: “Waiting For You” by Melissa Kate

I haven’t read a good romance novel since my (early) twenties.  Back in the day of Mills & Boone and Fabio covers.  A buddy I met in the blogging world, Alfonzo Words, got me into this book.  I thought to myself, why not?  I have not picked up anything other than serious reading material in about a decade but I thought I’d give light reading a try.  The pre-launch hype was getting real and got me all excited. So, release day comes and I hop onto Amazon to get my copy for Kindle. There I was ready for light reading…and BAM! She hits me.  I. Could. Not. Put. That. Smartphone. Down.  This was anything but light reading.  Continue reading “Book Review: “Waiting For You” by Melissa Kate”

Just. One. More. Time.

Just one more time I am asking you…What were you thinking?  What is wrong with you?  What did I do?


For years I wore your branding upon my body.  My back.  My arm.  My leg.  My face.  Always, I had to say I had an accident.  I thought it was something I did.  I wasn’t good enough.  Thing is…you chose me. I was an easy target for you.  I wouldn’t ever say anything.  Would hide like the hermit I was.  You hear me?  I said “was”.   Continue reading “Just. One. More. Time.”

I Ain’t Mad At Ya!

You did me real bad
Got me oh…so sad
With heart in hand
I stand…
Continue reading “I Ain’t Mad At Ya!”

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