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The Thing About Relationships…

It’s hard hard work.  Especially the romantic kind.  The personal touch has somehow disappeared.  We are too caught up in the media part and neglecting the social.  I am no relationship expert but after seven years of marriage I have learnt that I am still learning. Continue reading “The Thing About Relationships…”


#Playlist – 90’s R&B (Male Groups)

There is just something about 90’s R&B.  I personally think it was one the greatest era’s for music.  And let me tell you…those male vocal groups were something else.  One could listen to their music today and it would still be relevant.  Today’s kids could relate to “our” music.  I though I’d share some of my favourite male vocal groups with you today.   Continue reading “#Playlist – 90’s R&B (Male Groups)”

I know it’s your cigarette…butt…

Could I please ask you to not chuck it out your car window as a means of disposal?  Ironically one of the people I saw doing this was driving a Chevy Spark…Go figure. Continue reading “I know it’s your cigarette…butt…”

Bring On 2017

2016 – a year many say was horrible.  To me it was, really, quite a blur.  The year went by so fast that I feel I have lived lifetimes within it.  Really.  Lifetimes.


It was so busy I had no time to dwell on anything negative much. So, has it been a bad year?  Not really.  If anything, 2016 was a year of growth.  My readership grew.  My insanity too.  In general, it was a good(ish) year for me personally.

Continue reading “Bring On 2017”

The Blog Tag Travel Q&A

It is the end of Travel Week on The Blog Tag.  I love to travel and would love for everyone to experience it at least one time in their life.  One does not need to cross country borders to travel.  Exploring your own province and country is fun and exciting.  Getting to know your own backyard means you can gush about it to everyone else.  Even though I have been blessed with the opportunity to cross borders numerous times coming home to Cape Town is still one of the best feelings in the world.

Continue reading “The Blog Tag Travel Q&A”

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