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I Ain’t Mad At Ya!

You did me real bad
Got me oh…so sad
With heart in hand
I stand…
Continue reading “I Ain’t Mad At Ya!”

Recipe for Disaster

Okay.  So The Blog Tag has me on a roll with expanding on a post I did yonks ago.  Who would’ve thunk Food Week would do the trick.  If you’re a blogger like me who sometimes just needs that spark of inspiration give The Blog Tag a try.  You can follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The writing prompt for this post is Recipe.  I’m no food blogger – but there is more than one way to interpret things, right? Right!  Here it is…Recipe for Disaster. Continue reading “Recipe for Disaster”

Because I Gave You My Word

Because I gave you My Word
You will be raised from the despair
You find yourself in

Because I gave you My Word
You will rise
Above your circumstance Continue reading “Because I Gave You My Word”


If only you knew
You would be witnessing a miracle Continue reading “If…”

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