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A Letter to My Future Self

Dear Self


So…you’re older now (or is it I’m older now?).  I don’t even know what to tell you…me…You know what I mean… I’ll keep this short.


You have found your voice. Don’t ever lose it.

You are fire and ice – nothing wrong with that. Continue reading “A Letter to My Future Self”


You Are Worthy

That’s right.  You are worthy.


So often we walk through life feeling less-than.  We crutch along on that inferiority complex we hold so dear.  We beat ourselves down to a pulp and allow others to do the same.  We deny ourselves freedom to be.

Continue reading “You Are Worthy”

35…Moving Along Swiftly

Yesterday I celebrated my thirty-fifth birthday.  It was quite subdued (not that I ever do wild parties and such).  I can tell that I’m growing older….and it’s not necessarily a bad thing (not counting tripping over my own two feet and still recovering three weeks later).  I can remember my thirtieth birthday like it was yesterday.  I just could not stop crying.  It was one of the saddest happy days of my life simply because I could not believe I was no longer 20-something.  I remember a time when my little cousin told me I was old when I was only 23-years-old (she was just 7-years-old at the time).  That was a time when I thought thirty was so far off.  Yet, here I am…five years shy of forty. Continue reading “35…Moving Along Swiftly”


Looking into the mirror

My personal juxtaposition

Which do I choose?






I Am Me…

I am me

I know no other way to be

I couldn’t be you

You would not do Continue reading “I Am Me…”

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