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I know it’s your cigarette…butt…

Could I please ask you to not chuck it out your car window as a means of disposal?  Ironically one of the people I saw doing this was driving a Chevy Spark…Go figure. Continue reading “I know it’s your cigarette…butt…”


I’m not sorry

Sorry…not sorry.

I am Woman fashioned by God’s own hand. I will walk with my head held high and stand tall.

This is a powerful piece by Lee from Love, strongHer. Lee, I hear you roar. ❤

love, strongHER

It’s #WCW. You gotta love these hashtags 😉 I’m a woman and I’m crushing hard – on myself.

The bible says in Songs of Solomon 4:7“you are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.”

No further validation needed. I am flawless! Today I choose to own this, wholeheartedly.

“It takes years as a woman to unlearn what you have been taught to be sorry about.” Amy Poehler​

This quote though, “…unlearn what you have been taught to be sorry about.”

Conditioned by society, shaped in our beliefs by whatever influences, always believing that as a girl you are just a little bit less than.But God created us both, man and woman. Fashioned her in her mother’s womb. Intricately woven together, stitch by beautiful stitch. He made her and then He called her good.

So here goes.

I’m not sorry

I am not sorry thatI…

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Please Allow Me To Be Honest For A Minute…

So…it’s been a while since I posted anything.  In fact, the last time I posted was July 2nd 2016.  How sad is that?


Our internet connection has been down in all that time.  It was only restored yesterday (thanks and no thanks to Telkom whom we have now cancelled as a service provider).  It was painful.  Mobile data costs makes one really appreciate having ADSL installed at home.  It is possible to use one’s mobile device as a hotspot…but why should it be necessary?  So, anyway…line restored.  This after being told that we needed a new router, R800 later it was an external issue with Telkom’s lines and, of course, no compensation for the router and they still expect to be paid.  Sadly, we still need to rent the line…Sucks. So. Bad.

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The Blog Tag Travel Q&A

It is the end of Travel Week on The Blog Tag.  I love to travel and would love for everyone to experience it at least one time in their life.  One does not need to cross country borders to travel.  Exploring your own province and country is fun and exciting.  Getting to know your own backyard means you can gush about it to everyone else.  Even though I have been blessed with the opportunity to cross borders numerous times coming home to Cape Town is still one of the best feelings in the world.

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Introducing: love strongHer

This is something I should have done so so long ago.  But life happens every now and then.  I’d like to to introduce you to someone whom I think is worth mentioning.  Not because we’re related…but rather because I think she has a voice and that voice should be heard loud and clear.  She, like many of us, has had some ups and downs in life.  Yet she is an amazing human masterpiece formed by the hands of the Master to bring light and  love.

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