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Role Models

Silent Warrior

From a shy grin
To a full blown smile
You loved us
Western Flyer-style

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Thinking Back…And Back to Now.

Back in 1990 I was a nine-year-old girl in Standard One at what I consider to be a historical school on the corners of Cecil and Coleridge Roads and Dryden and Pope Streets in Salt River.  Coming from schools in Mitchells Plain and driving out of Eerste River in the Northern Suburbs and toward that majestic mountain daily, this was vastly different from what I was used to.  Less children.  Smaller building (singular).  No grass (which meant no more making daisy necklaces during the summer months).  Going for a lav break was like a long walk to freedom.  Yet, there was a sense of imprisonment because a lot of the teachers were older and were real moms…They were the mistresses of the “mom stare”.  The teachers back then looked like they were going to church or a very important meeting.  They were impeccably dressed. Continue reading “Thinking Back…And Back to Now.”

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