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You Are Worthy

That’s right.  You are worthy.


So often we walk through life feeling less-than.  We crutch along on that inferiority complex we hold so dear.  We beat ourselves down to a pulp and allow others to do the same.  We deny ourselves freedom to be.

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Sitting On Hope

Hope for a future to realise

Hope for a joy surpassing our mortal minds

Hope that our streets may be filled with laughter

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Introducing: love strongHer

This is something I should have done so so long ago.  But life happens every now and then.  I’d like to to introduce you to someone whom I think is worth mentioning.  Not because we’re related…but rather because I think she has a voice and that voice should be heard loud and clear.  She, like many of us, has had some ups and downs in life.  Yet she is an amazing human masterpiece formed by the hands of the Master to bring light and  love.

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The Blog Tag – Mental Health

This week on The Blog Tag the theme is mental health.  It is a topic that is still touchy in so many ways.  Below are a few questions compiled by our administrators that we are to answer.

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Cuts deep and soothes

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