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South Africa

Sitting On Hope

Hope for a future to realise

Hope for a joy surpassing our mortal minds

Hope that our streets may be filled with laughter

Hope that the young shall shed no tears Continue reading “Sitting On Hope”


A People Lost

A People lost
With all the time
But no space

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I’ve been reading and watching the news – checking out our new breed of “freedom fighters”.  Running around ruining history past and present.  I am utterly disgusted by their behaviour.


Their ideology might be noble…their “revolutionary” assault not so much.  I get that they’d like to see change.  So would we.  Change, however, is a very slow process.  Not something to be rushed.  One does not bring about change by using “counter-revolutionary” measures.  Basically, what I’m saying is two wrongs do not make a right.  One cannot fight fire with fire…yada-yada…   Have these young “adults” ever heard the term “kill them with kindness”?  It really does work. Continue reading “Pacifiers”

The Young and the Restless

Lately, students and their protests have been making the news.  Big.  I wonder if 2015 should not be dubbed “The Year of the Student Uprising”?  I am quite ambivalent about the current goings on.  I understand why protests are taking place.  It’s the how I struggle with.

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Freedom in Bondage

Freedom, in my mind, is being unshackled by slavery.   Being unfettered by limitation.  Deliverance and emancipation from oppression.

South Africa is deemed free as a nation.  But are we truly free?

We have children running wild.  Waving guns.  Starved.  Lost.  We have adults who are embittered by the past, unwilling to let go of that which they hold within.  Anger.  Hatred.   We have this generation of lost souls wondering where they truly belong.  Born in the past…Living in the here and now…Looking to the future.

With all that we see in the news with brother killing brother how can we celebrate?  How do we turn a blind eye to our current state of affairs?  How do we build from where we are now?

Democracy has now reached it’s majority.  After twenty-one years…we now need to grow up.  We need to think like an adult.  A responsible, reasoning and forward-thinking adult.  We need to consider the generations to come and decide if we really want to allow the bitterness we have to fester and poison our intended legacy.

Soon must come the day
When the righteous have their way
Unjustly tried are free
And people live in peace I say
Give the man release
Go on and set your conscience free
Right the wrongs you made
Even a fool can have his day

– Freedom Now, Tracy Chapman

Freedom is personal.  Freedom is universal.  For us to be truly free we need to unshackle our minds of past beliefs and learn to live in harmony.  We need to learn to love across culture and creed.  Freedom comes as a result of change.  Change comes through the renewal of one’s mind.

Those who have gone before us fought for our freedom as a people.  Their acts were selfless.  They sacrificed their lives so that we may enjoy those freedoms some of them lost their lives to obtain, today.  Yet we are imprisoned.  Enslaved.  Chained because we do not let go of bitterness and hatred (some of us unjustifiably so).

Now is the time for change.  In fact, it is way past time.  Now is the time to unite.  Freedom came at a hefty price.  Let’s appreciate it.  I will work for freedom and stretch my mind toward unity.  Who will join me?


©Shelley Smidt-Booys 2015

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