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Do I fancy myself a writer?
Well, yes. Yes I do.
This is not just a passing fancy
But the expression of the inner me

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The Giant

Despised by many
To others an illusion
To me you are real

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Just. One. More. Time.

Just one more time I am asking you…What were you thinking?  What is wrong with you?  What did I do?


For years I wore your branding upon my body.  My back.  My arm.  My leg.  My face.  Always, I had to say I had an accident.  I thought it was something I did.  I wasn’t good enough.  Thing is…you chose me. I was an easy target for you.  I wouldn’t ever say anything.  Would hide like the hermit I was.  You hear me?  I said “was”.   Continue reading “Just. One. More. Time.”

I Ain’t Mad At Ya!

You did me real bad
Got me oh…so sad
With heart in hand
I stand…
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Precious memories marred
Soul deeply scarred
Once near now oh so far
The causes so bizarre…. Continue reading “Ellipses…”

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