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The Freedom to Be

To feel

The kiss of the midday sun

Watching the cherubs as they run

Along the sandy stretch…oh what fun

The freedom to be Continue reading “The Freedom to Be”


The Blog Tag Travel Q&A

It is the end of Travel Week on The Blog Tag.  I love to travel and would love for everyone to experience it at least one time in their life.  One does not need to cross country borders to travel.  Exploring your own province and country is fun and exciting.  Getting to know your own backyard means you can gush about it to everyone else.  Even though I have been blessed with the opportunity to cross borders numerous times coming home to Cape Town is still one of the best feelings in the world.

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My First Time Crossing Borders

I’ll never forget the first day I stepped onto an aeroplane.  So unsure of what I was to do.  What was expected of me.  I hopped on a plane from Cape Town to Johannesburg.  Sat down and buckled up immediately.  Then it happened…Lift-off.  I remember looking out the window seeing the Mother City being left behind.  All I could think of was how beautiful my city was.  Blue skies and azure sea.  Dots of homes and that mountain I love so much.  At 29 years-old I was like a little girl on Christmas morning. Continue reading “My First Time Crossing Borders”

Falling In Love With New York City

Recently I took a trip to The Big Apple.  This was my third time.  In fact, I’ve been there twice this year.  First it was springtime in March then summertime in June.  I have never been there (or anywhere) for more than a weekend.  I am crazy like that.  Micro holidays work for me.  I go for the experience more than anything else.

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Book Review: “Waiting For You” by Melissa Kate

I haven’t read a good romance novel since my (early) twenties.  Back in the day of Mills & Boone and Fabio covers.  A buddy I met in the blogging world, Alfonzo Words, got me into this book.  I thought to myself, why not?  I have not picked up anything other than serious reading material in about a decade but I thought I’d give light reading a try.  The pre-launch hype was getting real and got me all excited. So, release day comes and I hop onto Amazon to get my copy for Kindle. There I was ready for light reading…and BAM! She hits me.  I. Could. Not. Put. That. Smartphone. Down.  This was anything but light reading.  Continue reading “Book Review: “Waiting For You” by Melissa Kate”

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