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The Freedom to Be

To feel

The kiss of the midday sun

Watching the cherubs as they run

Along the sandy stretch…oh what fun

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You Are Worthy

That’s right.  You are worthy.


So often we walk through life feeling less-than.  We crutch along on that inferiority complex we hold so dear.  We beat ourselves down to a pulp and allow others to do the same.  We deny ourselves freedom to be.

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Falling In Love With New York City

Recently I took a trip to The Big Apple.  This was my third time.  In fact, I’ve been there twice this year.  First it was springtime in March then summertime in June.  I have never been there (or anywhere) for more than a weekend.  I am crazy like that.  Micro holidays work for me.  I go for the experience more than anything else.

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It’s Literature Week on The Blog Tag and today’s prompt is “Poetry”.  If you have been following this blog you’d know poetry is my love.  So, this is my Ode to Poetry. Continue reading “Poetry”

Greatest Regret

You thought you could break me…
You couldn’t

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